Matan Zohar has been making a lot of noise this year. Right off the success of his debut artist album Damage Control, Mat Zo releases three free singles, remixes Chromeo in drum and bass fashion, creates a collaborative side-project with Kill The Noise (called Kill The Zo), and starts his own free-music label called Mad Zoo. The question is, what else does Mat Zo have in store for this year?

Recently, I See Monstas has just revealed on their SoundCloud Mat Zo’s rendition of their latest single “Circles”. The remix strays away from Mat’s recent disco-funk vibes and unleashes hulking bass in the dubstep styles of something you would hear on Excision’s Shambhala Mix 2014. Although the majority of the song is gritty, the vocals of I See Monstas’ singer Skaar carry a shimmering element to contrast this dark remix. The diversity may be stark, but it flows lucidly and majestically.