Talking about which genre is next to take the mainstage sound and carry EDM over into the next year, Future Bass is definitely one of the most talked-about. Its soothing sounds, and mixture of trap and heavy bass, while still retaining a highly melodic and intricate sound has brought it to the attention of a lot of audiophiles, tired of the commercial dance music sound.

Kasbo is one of the newest additions to the Monstercat roster, and as such, he’s doing his damn best to keep his spot. This track is so god damn hypnotic, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it playing in a psychiatrist’s office. There’s nothing I can say about this song — the music is too good for me to speak for it, I have to let it speak for itself.

In fact, I just had an idea. The title is “Kaleidoscope” right? Try to imagine — bear with me here — that you’re looking through a kaleidoscope as it revolves and transmorphs into different vivid colors and images, that’s the feeling I get listening to this track… which is damn impressive.

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