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Everyone’s favorite Electric Forest Festival in the Sherwood Woods just released their five part video recap series. If you have never been to the forest, you should definitely take a peak at this wonderful series! The good vibes, values and acts of sharing between Electric Forest attendees will change your outlook on life forever.

The video series covers many of the unique traits that the forest provides to its temporary residents, like the self expression between the members and foundations that they all have. The next two parts are about rejuvenation and connection.

The touching five part recap video really shows Electric Forest Festival through the lens of the attendees. I went to the festival for the first year in 2014, and it changed my life forever. People were trying to throw away garbage and recycle, something that we do not see in Chicago festivals.

Sherwood Forest will be open for the next decade so if you have never attended the festival, 2015 is your chance! Watch the videos to experience something new or your previous memories.

Electric Forest: “Take Me Home”



Electric Forest 2014 Part I: Expression


Electric Forest 2014 Part II: Foundation


Electric Forest 2014 Part III: Rejuvenation


Electric Forest 2014 Part IV: Connection