In celebration of Toolroom Records #RESET, the astounding leaders of the label, Mark Knight, Weiss, and Adrian Hour present to us the first ever live album series with ‘Toolroom Live – 01’. The album is packed with fifty-four tracks and hand selected DJ mix series from each of the leaders. Each mix will lead you into an exciting and unique musical journey in ways that you have never experienced before. ‘Toolroom Live – 01’ is a collection of sounds that will take you back to the roots of house music, and also celebrating a revolution of new music. ‘Toolroom Live – 01’ is the sound to the new beginning of Toolroom Records.



“I want it to be memorable. I want the mix to last the test of time like those retrospective House CDs that you still listen to even now– I want people to listen to it in their car for years to come.”

Weiss showcases his continuous mix with thirteen authentic and groovy tracks. From hidden gems, hit releases off of Toolroom Records, and exclusive releases, you will hear all the house music sounds that Weiss is well known for. It’s a memorable odyssey through timeless music.

Weiss starts the mix off with “Marvin’s Basement” by Tekla. This is definitely the vibe I was expecting Weiss to begin with. This track holds a mysterious rhythm, with an exhilarating beat and mesmerizing elements that will send you into an awesome funk. The vocals add a sweet touch that lightens the dark mood. You will get lost within the captivating rhythm of “Marvin’s Basement”, until the beat significantly kicks up a notch to a tribal drumbeat ushering in the second track. Weiss follows up with “Sink ‘Em Low” by Maximiljan, featuring Bessie Jones. It’s a very catchy sound that flows nicely from start to finish.

The moody melodies keep churning, as you will make your way to hearing more underground sounds like “Krishna Templo” by Muntal. Then, Weiss shifts the aura just a tad as he brings in more lively progression of house beats. From Hot Since 82 to Bontan, this mix becomes more festive and rich. Skipping down to track eight, I was so excited to see Weiss’ remix of Tube & Berger & Juliet Sikora “Come On Now (Set It Off)”. The original is one of my favorite tracks, and now hearing a special Weiss spin is the icing on the cake. He crafts a versatile and utterly captivating beat. Weiss emphasizes the vocals and adds a touch of rumbling bass, which makes a sweet distinction from the original version.

Track nine is Weiss’ recent, exclusive release, “I Believe”. Wow… well first off, what a great transition from one of my favorite tracks, to another favorite of mine. Weiss never ceases to amaze me with his amazing productions and ear for mixing. He also tells us a bit more behind his art of DJ-ing:

“I wanted the mix to be what I represent in a club; so, people that haven’t had the chance to come and see me will have the chance to listen to what I do. And I wanted there to be a selection of cool tracks that people might not necessarily play all the time; I hunted for these tracks for ages and did my research so I could choose the perfect ones.”

Everything he touches is pure gold. Let me just leave it at that and have you enjoy this track:

Last track you will hear in his mix is Weiss’ remix of “Always” by MK, feat. Alana. Alana’s voice is simply addictive, and Weiss feeds you more of this addictive sound. Throughout the track he spins a smooth and raw beat, which is a perfect close to his mix.



“A trip, a progression of my sound and feelings. When they finish the mix they will feel like they are at the best party.”

This is an hour-long experience that will take you on different twists and turns. It’s a wonderful mix series, packed with twenty-one tracks of raw, sharp, and psychedelic techno beats. Adrian Hour holds the key that will unlock your hidden subconscious and imagination.

The first track is “Drumdub” by Miguel Bastida & Salero. Immediately, I felt an instant rush of goose bumps throughout my arms, and little butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach. The beat moved me and I was definitely not expecting this. The core of the track is a bass so deep; it contains sporadic, euphoric, and very demonic-like elements. This dark tune slowly glides into track two, “Black Form” by Pirupa. The two songs share such a smooth transition. Black Form plays a balance of sharp synths and bass lines that transform into a fascinating kick. Slowly, the irritated and rumbling vocals will run through your speakers. The vocals become more crisp and transparent, as this will hold true to the core of the track.

“Black Form” switches into “Groove Me” by Doorly, which happens to be one of my favorites from Doorly. This beat just makes you want to get up and dance. It delivers a lot of soul, snippets of piano and synth stabs that challenges the overall mood for listeners. By the fifth track in the mix, you will enter in Odd Parent’s song “Learn To Fly” (Maceo’s 808 Dub). This tune is like the sister track to “Drumdub” played earlier in the mix. Adrian brings back the mood and eerie vibes with this transition. It’s an infectious sound with a crisp drumbeat; synths like rattling snakes, and trippy vocals that wake you up.

Track after track, he delivers a prowess mix of raw and organic beats. Adrian lightly touches about his process of the mix series:

“First, I selected all the new, original and best tracks i’m playing right now, then I visualized that progression I told you about first, and the last step was to start with the most sweet sound, going up to the most Techno and party sound.”

Throughout his mix series you will find many of his original productions. One of them happens to be an exclusive release, and his favorite track off Toolroom called “Lost In Groove”. It may sound cliché, but you will get lost in this groove. It’s like walking down those first few steps into an underground party. You hear a deep bass trying to vibrate its way through the thick walls, which ultimately makes the beat a bit more rich. Once you’ve made your entrance, you can now hear it all. Just listen below and experience this:

Reaching towards the end of the mix series, Adrian Hour plays “Something Good” from Harvey McKay. As the song title suggests, this track will have you experience good vibes as the beat kicks through your eardrums. It’s a perfect transition from Stefano Kosa’s “Feel It” . Adrian Hour wraps up the hour-long mix with “Donga” by Coyu & Ramiro Lopez. It’s a track that meshes all the elements that this mix has displayed into one song. It’s an eerie techno kick with a rhythmic bass and vocals that will catch your attention. Adrian chooses a perfect tune to show listeners his sound and imagination.



“I want people to get a taste of what Toolroom is about musically and how we are taking control of the musical space we operate within. We gathered two really talented guys from different sides of the industry spectrum and with me holding the middle ground house sound I think it really tells the world what we are about.”

Mark Knight’s mix series represents a stellar and diverse collection of sounds. With twenty tracks, you will experience sounds from the underground, keen techno kicks, and atmospheric club tunes that will feed any house music lover. Knight’s first track selection is UnoMas & Redondo, “Falling For You”. A very smooth and tranquil start, but I was definitely anticipating for what was to come next. He gradually slips in a very familiar tune, which instantly sparked my attention. It’s one of my favorite remixes. It’s DJ Anna Feat. Beverly Ely“Secret” (Full Intention Remix). This remix is a very lively beat with a fresh piano tune that gradually builds up into a full piano solo, which complements the beautiful vocals sung by Beverly.

Lets skip down to track nine; it’s Mds & Gymmy J“Lyric”. It’s one of those tracks that you hear for the first time and your eyes instantly begin to open up a bit wider in a state of awe. The core of this track is a rumbling and tribal beat. As these combining sounds progress even stronger and leads you into an overlay of many exciting elements. “Lyrics” keeps you up on your toes, anticipating for more.

Track thirteen is Patrick Topping, “Forget”. I was very ecstatic to hear this track, and quite surprised that this was featured in Knight’s mix rather than Weiss’. On the other hand, I don’t mind at all. It’s a nice touch, lurking you into a more moody and dark vibe from his previous track selection – track twelve, Gaga, “Some Type”. Mark Knight shares with us his prowess approach to blending in an array of music, cohesively one after another:

“It’s all about keeping it interesting. When you have longer sets you want to dip into different textures and sounds because it keeps the crowd awake and hanging on your every move. Toolroom Live 01 is equally a musical experience, just not one limited to a club floor or festival. It is an art as old as dance music itself and I think it is more important than ever to keep things interesting and cohesive at the same time.”

Track fourteen is Mark Knight & Discoworker ft. Robbie Leslie – “The diary of a studio 54”. He kicks it up a notch and shifts away from the rumbling bass line to a fresh piano lead. As you step into this groove, you will hear the diary of studio 54, and maybe relive and imagine those memorable moments. Mark’s fifteenth pick of Mario Ochoa, “Conjuro” slowly transitions into a killer remix from Jay Lumen, “Bigger Than Prince” by Green Velvet. You will definitely walk around the club, or shall I say… dance around like you’re bigger than Prince. It’s a hot tune indeed. He transforms this original track into a more sporadic beat.

Heading towards the end of his mix, you still stop at track nineteen. I was a so ecstatic to see GusGus“Crossfade” (Maceo Plex Mix), I did a little scream & shout for joy. The vocals and melodies are hypnotizing. It glides you into a state of pure bliss, always does for me. Mark Knight finishes the mix with his exclusive remix of “Laura” by Bat For Lashes. He crafts a fine progressive, atmospheric house tune. As the beat progresses, you will catch yourself drifting off into the euphoric build up he creates. This leads to a smooth piano tune and a raw symphonic chorus. This track really moved me, and this is the greatest and most memorable feeling to experience at an end of a DJ mix series.

In addition to their individual mix series, Mark Knight fills us in about his approach to tying the album together.

“I feel like I sit slap bang in the middle of Toolroom’s musical space. That is a good space to occupy, as everyone is usually too preoccupied with the ‘commercial’ or ‘underground’ sounds to realize how much great creative space there is in that middle ground. There is a definite difference between that cooler underground sound Weiss has perfected and Adrian Hour’s impressive main room techno sound and from a mix perspective you couldn’t just leap from one side to another. It needs to be a fluid journey and I feel comfortable bridging the gap with my own sound. I think Toolroom Live 01 is testament to this.”

Experience Toolroom Records New Musical Spectrum with ‘Toolroom Live – 01’, OUT NOW!

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