Everyone knows about Coachella. Not everyone knows that it’s backed by the people of Goldenvoice. That very entertainment company recently struck a deal with Red Frog Events, who just happen to be in charge of one of the world’s most maturing events, the Firefly Music Festival. Firefly has grown from 30,000 tickets in its inaugural year (2012) to 80,000 tickets sold in 2014 and now they have the power from Goldenvoice at their side.

Paul Tollett, CEO/President of Goldenvoice, and the CEO/Founder of Red Frog, Joe Reynolds spoke recently to Billboard about the venture. Firefly will be left alone to Greg Bostrom, Director of the event, given how the event has been progressing over its short lifespan – which is set to run at least through 2032. Financial details were not shared, however the notion was put across that Goldenvoice will act as a resource bay and middle man for anything that the event may need, whether that be talent, sponsorships or anything else that may come up.

Infrastructure is what is most likely to be focused on, because as Tollett states, you’re able to really build up the event. Coachella wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have its designated space and people. The mutual dedication between site and event is key to pulling off these next level festivals and Firefly will only continue to climb the ladder. It will be interesting to see just what the 2015 event has to offer. June 18th-21st is the current time frame the festival will be held next year. Pre-sale tickets have sold out. I wonder why?

…you’re able to put in infrastructure and invest in long-term capital… When you’re on a year-to-year basis, you can’t really do anything too excellent on the site, because you never know if you’re coming back.
– Paul Tollett

Source: Billboard