First off I want to say sorry for the delay in posting Fresh Face Friday, for this week, as I was back home visiting family. Although there was a small delay, I am practically home, currently still sitting in the airport of my hometown, and back into the LA groove of things and excited to present you with the final weekly voting period of the House genre of Fresh Face Friday. Come Monday September 29th, Fresh Face Friday will take a new direction in showcasing the best up and coming acts in the Dubstep and Drum & Bass genre. But until that time I present you with the last preliminary round of the competition in the House segment.

Keep and eye out for the monthly voting period next week, and the quarterly finals that will showcase the three monthly winners of Fresh Face Friday’s House portion of the contest from the first quarter of the contest that will start in the next few weeks.

Without further ado, have a glance, a listen and cast your vote for your favorite House producer this week.

Bnenenenen – Eulogy

Since starting to produce music in mid 2014, bnenenenen has captured the energy he feels listening to a diverse range of genres, and channeled it into creating emotional and meaningful music.
Having played the guitar from a young age and taken inspiration from many great musicians, bnenenenen’s music is built on powerful melodies and hard-hitting rhythms. Tracks are only released if they epitomise a feeling and give you an unsparing view of the world through his eyes.

In the next few months bnenenenen is planning to release an EP, with standalone tracks making their way to you in the meantime.

Bnenenenen on Soundcloud

Vipermusic – The Viper Room

Originally from Detroit, where I started off in Classical music, I also had a love for the Techno scene. I started making music when I was 4 years old, playing piano, and learning to compose.

I eventually moved on to dance music around age 13, and I was hooked and have been doing it ever since. Now, I spend at least 80 hours a week producing electro, electrohouse, dubstep, and more. I now live in Atlanta, happily married, and my biggest hope is if my music can help even one person forget their troubles for even a few minutes, and give them happiness, that’s all I want.

Vipermusic on Facebook & Twitter

Chris Closer – Groovy Flex

With a groovy intro and a good use of stereo in the beginning of this track, Chris Closer slows his roll way down in the pre-drop verse before dropping this one into a funky yet rugged Electro House tune.

Chris Closer on Soundcloud

Have some fun and let us know below who you think should move on to the final monthly voting round of Fresh Face Friday’s House genre segment.

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