The Knocks’ newest single featuring Powers is a classic. Even though the song came out only recently I could easily imagine it being a hit in the 80s. The music video for the song is rather unique, it almost feels like a real life portrayal of the video games The Sims. The actors in the video almost have an inhuman aspect to them, like they’re just characters in a game going through their motions. The blonde woman barely eating her cotton candy, the two girls playing tennis in a very unenthused manner, it leaves the video with a slight sense of uncanny valley. The directing and how the video plays out is great, it really made the song complete for me and added an extra level of depth to the music. The music itself while being repetitive is incredibly catchy to the point that  you’ll find this getting stuck in your head indefinitely.

Included with the video is the ability to download RAC’s remix of The Knocks’ Classic by using Shazam on the video. The remix itself is definitely worth listening to so why not get it for free.

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