First featured on Colorize‘s Volume 01 compilation, the fast rising Deep House mastermind behind the elusive Joshi project has been quickly circulating into regular airtime with many high end DJ’s throughout the world with his signature Progressive Trance sound. From Prog singles such as Polarize and Marine Drive, to the electrifying Trouse single of Stealth, he has firmly established himself as a contending heavyweight throughout the Progressive Trance community. Past accolades include support from EDU, Colonial One and Super8 & Tab, and his single of Kingfisher was supported on Richard Durand‘s In Search Of Sunrise Las Vegas mix compilation series. However, this Goa native has been experimenting heavily towards the deeper end of the EDM spectrum throughout the majority of 2014 and while most of his contemporaries have gone towards the route of Oliver Heldens and EDX, he’s remained true to the underground sound by developing a fantastic Deep Progressive sound that continues to evolve throughout each and every production that he produces. Beginning with the tropical Raging Blue on Wildlife Recordings, his deeper side first revealed itself with the fantastic double EP on Colorize entitled Quicksilver and Paramount, and his ‘Deep Fixes‘ on Benjamin Leftwich‘s Sophie and The DoorsRiders On The Storm, (along with his upcoming remix to Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer‘s Like We Love single) have been great pieces that continue to stretch the boundaries of Deep House with a definitive experimental edge to his productions.

With the thumbs up from Above & Beyond with support on their Group Therapy radio show, Joshi now unveils his most mature single yet with his cracking new single entitled La Plage. La Plage means ‘The Beach‘ in French, and its sunny motives and ideologies aim to make it the perfect summer track for your personal collection and/or DJ sets. However, the end result ended up being something much more in depth and complex than any of his previous productions, and it almost feels like this track was released at just the right time, as the atmosphere’s wildly changing weather perfectly describes this track’s intensely intricate designs. Featuring an exotically Tribal percussion section in full force, La Plage manages to combine a slew of different inspirations and cues and seamlessly mesh them together into one, coherent track that seems to glide with the fluidity of running water. From a gorgeous, repetitive piano ostinato, to the extra little details that are peppered throughout the entire track, each measure is filled with surprises to tease your ear into excitement with its impeccable arrangement. However, the one section that really showcases his broadening creative abilities is the sublime breakdown transition into the second release. While the fantastic percussion section continues to chug along, it suddenly drops out and a massive wave of bass strikes hard into the arrangement as upbeat vocals hauntingly whisper prayers throughout the phrase. Suddenly, a wonderful piano line connects the entire phrase into one, harmonious structure of musical wonder and the end result is enough to send any listener into a deep trance of hypnotic platitude.

Joshi‘s stellar new single, La Plage, is out now on Colorize via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q