After another month of Fresh Face Friday, we arrive back at the monthly phase of the segment where the three weekly winners in September compete once again against each other to decide who had the best track of the month. This is a pivotal point in the contest because as each producer has competed once before; this round will determine whose track is most preferable based on your vote. These three listed below have made it to the next level and are one step closer to the end prize, which is a chance to release music on Your EDM, but come Friday only one will remain.

With that being said, have a listen to the three weekly winners of Fresh Face Friday in September and vote for your favorite!

Patrick Bandy – Take The House

Absolutely amazed by electronic music after playing both the guitar then switching to trumpet; my boy Patrick as in Patrick Bandy has been at it for almost four years now. His knowledge of live music and orchestra has carried over into his productions in the electronic dance music realm to inspire his work. Not wanting to be identified with just one genre, Patrick takes inspiration from Dillon Francis because of how “free his music is” as well as a young Mr. Garrix, as he is a beacon of hope for the youth showing that age does not define creativity.

Patty’s track, “Take The House” features a pluck that I cannot get over. It is so rich, and thumps in all the rights frequencies bands leaving me almost completely mesmerized throughout the track.

Patrick Bandy on Facebook & Twitter

D.R.U Sounds – Ready

One after another the elements in this one build up the frequency band into an ear full of goodies. Your first introduction is always an important factor in the instances that follow. D.R.U doesn’t disappoint us here as the piano effortlessly fades into unison with the bass. Those two act accordingly as they drop everything into a funky synth infused Electro House/ Dub tune with a plethora of diversity and fist pumping following the main verse.

D.R.U Sounds on Facebook & Twitter

bnenenenen – Eulogy

Since starting to produce music in mid 2014, bnenenenen has captured the energy to incorporate into his music by listening to a diverse range of genres, and channeling it into creating emotional and meaningful music. Having played the guitar from a young age and taken inspiration from many great musicians, bnenenenen’s music is built on powerful melodies and hard-hitting rhythms. Tracks are only released if they epitomize a feeling and give you an unsparing view of the world through his eyes.

In the next few months bnenenenen is planning to release an EP, with standalone tracks making their way to you in the meantime.

Bnenenenen on Soundcloud

After taking some time to listen to Fresh Face Friday’s Monthly candidates, express your opinion below by casting your vote below to excel one of these lads to the next level taking place next month, the quarterly phase. The quarterly phase takes the winner of this month and the previous monthly winners of the last two months (July and August) and puts them head to head for the last time to decide the final victor.

Poll Results Week 4 Of September

Congrats to D.R.U Sounds!

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