Diversity is very important to me — whether it’s in music or life, I like flavors to meld and intermingle. Champagne Drip is a newcomer to the Mad Decent label, and as his first order of business, has dropped one of the most stylistically diverse EPs I’ve heard in a long while.

I’ll start off by saying the tags on the SoundCloud upload of Radio Bikini read as follows: “electronic, driphop, jungle, 8bit, synthpop, tropical.” That right there is a good blend of styles, but we’ve seen producers try it before and fail. So what makes Champagne Drip successful in this endeavor? I get the feeling he really didn’t try too hard. Not to say that this EP isn’t masterfully designed, it is. Rather, nothing was forced with this release. It all seems rather natural and easy.

There are certainly elements of each of those tags throughout the EP — the first track, ‘Bermuda’, has a very tropical Wave Racer-esque feel to it, but the second drop goes straight into jungle seamlessly. ‘Love In’ on the other hand is a straight experience in tropically-infused future trap. The styles are endless and the production is seamless. This is definitely a producer to look out for in the future.

You can download the EP here: (1) (2) (3) (4). Or you can sign up for Mad Decent Premium ($10/mo.) and have access to to all new releases in the Mad Decent drip, including a WAV download of the Radio Bikini EP.