Introduction: Sometimes it’s good to look back and see how far we’ve come. Sometimes it’s good to pause for a second and realize how much things have changed. Introspection can be beneficial and is something our scene needs to do more often. We’ve taken some wrong turns here and there, but it’s definitely been one hell of a ride. From Brostep to Complextro, and of course let’s not forget our current Big Room, ONFD (one note festival drop) trend, EDM (or whatever you wish to call it) has evolved into one hell of an interesting beast and it’s fun to reflect on how we got here. With that in mind we wanted to share a few “oldies” that are too good to forget.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah”

Remember the first time you heard that? Remember the first time you heard it at a show, or a friend showed it to you and the chills you got? Remember how you couldn’t stop listening to it? Yes I know, it was cool to hate a year or two ago, but try to remember how much you loved Avicii’s Levels. It’s nice to put all that hate aside and just enjoy the song for what it is, with its enthralling melody and catchy hook, and the chord progression so well intertwined with the vocals. For a scene that supposedly promotes PLUR, why are we so quick to cast judgement on an artist? Was it really Avicii’s fault that Levels became so popular and became overplayed? No, it wasn’t. It was ours. We loved the track, we showed the track to our friends, and they shared it with theirs. So stop hating and start loving. Enjoy.