“Shout out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival” – Win Butler, Arcade Fire; Coachella, 2014 – Weekend 1.

The outspoken Win Butler made a big statement that weekend and met harsh criticisms from the electronic music industry, including attention from one Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5). Check out our favorite troll’s immortal tweets here.

However, lead singer Win Butler has changed his tune. Performing as DJ Windows 98, in complete seriousness, Butler recently spun a set in Toronto of which you can catch a short video below.

This is a prime example of not only haters turned band-wagoners, but also the monumental shift in the music scene that has lead to an increased appreciation for electronic production and composition. Time will tell though whether Win will keep on DJing as DJ Windows 98 but be sure to let us know your thoughts on all this in the comment section below.