Throughout the past few months Soundcloud has garnered a fair amount of criticism from fans and listeners alike. From their increased and at times misused DMCA removal requests to the recent introduction of advertising, users haven’t been too particularly keen on using the service. Some active Soundcloud accounts are even at times leaving the service entirely, either that or some with larger followings end up getting removed (See This Song is Sick). So what does that mean for music fans, the ones who came to Soundcloud to discover new songs, tracks, remixes, mixes and more? Well there are definitely alternatives to the service, from Mixcloud to YouTube, there is a plethora of music curators just waiting for you to discover and enjoy the music they share. In this particular piece we will be focusing on YouTube and some of our favorite accounts, that spend painstaking hours discovering the music they love.

Now we realize that there are plenty of other accounts out there that do a tremendous job at curating their channels, but for starters we will be focusing on some of our favorites, 5 accounts that we believe any music fan should at the very least know and spend time perusing their lengthy catalogue of uploads.

This list is in no particularly order so don’t take it as a ranking, thank you.


5. Proximity



4. Tasty Network


3. The Sound You Need


2. Mr Suicide Sheep


1. Majestic Casual