While big room has those hilariously large kicks, and liquid DnB has amazing melodic basslines, I still contend that dubstep has the most consistently deadly bass game around. Whatever you may say about the WUBS or the wobbles, dubstep basslines are composed in a way that most other genres can’t match. Some tracks take it way too far and distort the hell out of the bass, which sucks. It’s like opening up a great bottle of wine and pouring it into a thermos for the drive to work — completely sacrilegious.

And then, there are tracks like ‘She Said’, from Sacrifice. The track itself is a cover of T.A.T.U.’s ‘All The Things She Said’, and uses the vocals to completely accentuate the whole tune. I cannot stress this enough: turn your sub all the way up. It’s the best way to experience this tune which makes such amazing use of the sub-bass. The vocals are like a choir chorus and the wubs are on point.

So far, Sacrifice has a very small following on SoundCloud with no Facebook listed on his profile. The production quality is there, so now all he has to do is create hype around himself and we have the dubstep equivalent of ZHU. Looking forward to whatever his next project is.