This is it! This is where it all comes to an end. If you are unaware of what is going on, here is a link to explain Your EDM’s, “Fresh Face Friday” segment in depth. To give you a quick synopsis, this contest has spanned over a three month period starting back in July. There are three stages: a weekly, monthly and where we are at now, quarterly. Each artist below participated in individual months and won their weekly round which advanced them to compete against the other two artists who won in their month in the monthly phase. After winning both their weekly and monthly round, that placed them here in the Quarterly round, the final round where the winner takes all.

After this week of voting, whoever you all decide is victorious; that artist will be featured on Your EDM with a complete bio which includes: a one on one interview and their latest track or mini-mix showcased.

So without further ado, please take a few minutes to listen and read the bios of these three very talented artists that have worked so hard to advance this far to Fresh Face Friday Quarterly.

Inviction – Osiris

Miami, Florida native Jonathan, otherwise known as Inviction, has been producing for almost two years. Jonathan incorporates unique melodies that are inspired by years of listening to Deadmau5. With an awesome drop and heavy energy throughout, “Osiris” catches your attention instantly.

Inviction on Facebook & Twitter

Myüzak – Hero

Next to be featured, my buddy Zach otherwise known as Myüzak from Southern California drew inspiration for “Hero” through his old school Metal and Hip-hop roots, which would explain the trap-ish breakdown after the first verse. “There’s nothing more soothing in the world to me than running my fingers up and down a fret board” Zach told me after stating guitar is his, “main melody machine”. Well something’s working in his favor as the melody in this one is extremely catchy.

Myüzak on Facebook

D.R.U Sounds – Ready

One after another the elements in this one build up the frequency band into an ear full of goodies. Your first introduction is always an important factor in the instances that follow. D.R.U doesn’t disappoint us here as the piano effortlessly fades into unison with the bass. Those two act accordingly as they drop everything into a funky synth infused Electro House/ Dub tune with a plethora of diversity and fist pumping following the main verse.

D.R.U Sounds on Facebook & Twitter

This article marks our first successful round of Fresh Face Friday. We’ve completed 9 weekly rounds, 3 monthly and have now arrived to our first quarterly round where you all throughout the various phases have effortlessly chosen to place the artists featured here. Now for the last time this round, have some fun and make your vote count as the the final stage of “Fresh Face Friday” within the House genre ends on Friday.

Poll Results Quarterly 1

Congratulations to Myüzak! First winner of Fresh Face Friday!

Thank you to all the contestants this round and big ups to D.R.U Sounds & Inviction for their amazing tracks!

Next Monday, Fresh Face Friday will have a new look. We are going out with the House and in with Dubstep and Drum & Bass. And to kick it off we have some amazing talent to feature as the first producers of the new round.

If you are a producer, submit your Dubstep or Drum & Bass tracks here for a chance to be featured on Your EDM.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, concerns or kudos: [email protected]

Winner of the Your EDM shirt will be announced next week.

-Chris W-