Inspired by Datsik, Virtual Riot has given his own take on “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey. Utilizing his iconic growls and versatile production capabilities, Valentin Brunn creates a remix that is as much his own as a tribute to the original. The old-school vibes of the intro leads into a melodic driven chillstep drop which is somehow energetic but at the same time relaxing. The breakdowns do not have you waiting for the drop. Instead, they manage to hold their own and immerse you into the music. Leading into the second and final drop of the song, Virtual Riot goes into a hard dubstep drop while still maintaining the beauty of the earlier pieces in the songs. This creates a progressive and cohesive experience over the course of just under 4 minutes. This is where I feel Virtual Riot really shines and showcases his talent.

Although there is no download yet, Virtual Riot has left us with a juicy teaser. Check it out.