One of Sweden’s hottest musicians has just tackled his greatest show yet. The man behind the monikers Pryda and Cirez D put together his largest installment of EPIC performances in Madison Square Garden this past weekend. With loads of special music and mind-altering holograms, EPIC 3.0 is a production unlike anything Eric Prydz has ever accomplished. Even though this was a massive event, Eric made it abundantly clear in his Reddit AMA that this was to be a one-time show and that it would not be officially recorded nor streamed live during its play, thus adding to the exclusivity and uniqueness of this concert.

If you were at home hoping to hear this once-in-a-lifetime event and could not attend, then do I have good news for you. It turns out that SiriusXM broadcasted much of the show, including some of Jeremy Olander‘s opening set and all of Eric Prydz’s extraordinary three-hour-power set. Now this very exclusive set has arrived on SoundCloud for the many fans who couldn’t make it to New York to catch the progressive and tech house champion taking on the Big Apple.

In his set, Mr. Prydz played a variety of timeless classics, unreleased tunes, and private edits. He even jumps between his alter egos, pleasing fans of all this man’s music with tunes like “Genesis”, “Armed”, and “Origins” from his Pryda name and tracks like “”Gobber”, “On Off”, and “Mouseville Theme” from Cirez D. From his tremendous remix of “Circles” by Digitalism to his latest remix to “Tether” by CHVRCHES to his major singles “Pjanoo”, “Every Day”, and “Liberate”, Eric Prydz captured the audience and took them to a whole other of audio and visual bliss. If you listen to this set and find yourself asking “Where’s the drop?”, then you have failed to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the set that takes music from Harvard Bass, Green Velvet, Josh Wink, Depeche Mode, and more and blends them seamlessly onto Eric Prydz’s sound.

Check the SoundCloud link below and brace yourselves for a full 180 minutes of Eric Prydz in EPIC 3.0 recorded from Madison Square Garden on Saturday September 27th, 2014.