Trance is in a bit of a conundrum these days, especially when one tries to figure out what the state of the scene is at the current moment. You have the standard Trance hits with the Armada crew; Anjunabeats is slowly gravitating into Progressive House and the 140 team is leading rebellious fans into a movement all its own with its unique infusion of Psy and Techno. Many people are confused as to whether Trance is ‘dead’ or not, because while Trance does move on, we always hear claims about how Trance doesn’t sound as good as the olden days, or hear opinions that the true sound of Trance is lost to the forgotten sands of time. However, those that claim that Trance no longer exists are simply those who don’t look hard enough, as the iconic Trance sound continues to live on within the deep underground recesses of the scene as a whole. We here at Your EDM only strive to feature the best in quality Trance and while many are supporting Armada and Anjunabeats, we are usually more interested in labels such as Alter Ego and KEARNAGE Recordings that  are continuing to keep the rapturous spirit of Trance alive. Infrasonic is yet another one of those labels and their constant support of fantastic artists such as Ultimate and Vitodito has been a huge boon for the industry, even if it is not the most ‘popular’ label on the market at this time. One special artist that has caught our eye for months now is Infrasonic regular Meridian, whose brilliant Progressive Trance tracks continue to keep the miraculous sound alive while delving deep within the confines of Prog, which is a genre that needs as much support as it can get right now.

Meridian has been featured on other labels too such as Saturate Audio, AEZ Recordings and Re:Brand Recordings, but he has been one of Infrasonic‘s most faithful leaders throughout the entire lifespan of the imprint, and his last single of Shine was supported by high end artists such as Andy Duguid, Super8 & Tab, Myon & Shane54 and Above & Beyond. Now, his returns to the label once more with a new single entitled Impression, which is aptly described on the official website as ‘yet another almighty [Trance] scorcher‘. In this fresh new project, he states that his goal was to not have a full, musical intention when writing this track, but rather have the piece leave a good impression upon listening. This notion opens up exciting new possibilities, as this line of thinking runs along the same vein as the Impressionists of the 20th century with Classical artists such as Debussy and Ravel, whose music focused on the topics of tone and atmosphere rather than rely on story based elements, (and also “conveyed the moods and emotions aroused by the subject rather than a detailed tone‐picture“). The breakdown clearly demonstrates this fact with little more than a quiet whisper throughout its heartfelt, connective breakdown, as the docile tones of piano and faint vocals seem to float in space with no rhyme of direction to which it should venture to. Over time, it continuously evolves and morphs itself into a mass jumble of musical fares that continue to swirl around like an Impressionist painting before finally connecting itself into a grand melody that focused on the interfocal relationship between the basslines and the soft melodies to deliver pure emotional bliss, which is honestly the original intention and inspiration of Trance in the first place.

Meridian‘s stellar new single, Impression, is out now on Infrasonic Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy today and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q