We’ve all been there — we’re in our own world, staring up at a bright, illuminated, massive stage where our favorite producer is laying down an amazing set. He takes to the mic, and yells out to the crowd, “Hey! Y’all wanna hear some new shit!?” Suddenly, thousands of phones and cameras are pointed straight at the stage, blocking your view.

Taking photos and videos at a music festival is nothing new. It’s also a pet peeve of many, not just because it blocks the pretty lights, but because it really can take away from the experience of watching your favorite DJ, of being in the moment, considering you were looking through a 5.5″ screen for the majority of their set. However, Share This has come out with a handy dandy infographic that depicts a slightly different story.

The target of most of pictures at music festivals aren’t the musicians, but the celebrities that are found wandering the grounds. Festivals have largely become a branded endeavor focusing intensely on millennials who spend a great deal of their time on social media, sharing and tweeting and posting. These numbers paint an interesting picture with regards to how people share, what is shared, and who is doing the sharing.

Something to note: “Sharing activity in Nevada increased by nearly 200%, largely due to Las Vegas’s EDC.”