Let’s face it, there’s a lot of repetitive, generic dance music out there. With so many new faces trying to hit the big time by churning out track after unoriginal track, the flood of stale sounds is hard to escape. Luckily, there are still artists working to move the scene forward. Conscious Kalling is definitely among them, bringing a strikingly deep and organic sound to the table. His Invisible Instruments EP (which debuted at #2 on Addictech this week) is a breath of fresh air and we here at YourEDM couldn’t be more excited to premiere the featured track!

Built around a firm structure of resonant bass, ‘Gangsta in the Deep’ is a melodic and hypnotizing sonic experience. Cellos and other strings thrum along in tune with glitchy midrange synth-wobbles while perfectly pitched 808s drive the song forward and envelop the listener. Tribal wind instruments and drum samples add an indescribable depth and flair to the infectiously bouncy rhythm, making ‘Gangsta in the Deep’ irresistible on the dance floor. You won’t just hear this track, you’ll feel it throughout your body and soul. Give it a listen after the jump and make sure to cop the exclusive free download on Conscious Kalling‘s Soundcloud page. And, if the vibes speak to you, you can purchase the full Invisible Instruments EP on AddictechBeatport, and more, courtesy of Party Time Society!


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