Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you must have heard of the lawsuit that’s stirred the EDM scene. Revealed yesterday, Kris Trindl, better known as Rain Man, is currently suing the Yousaf sisters for $5 million after claiming they kicked him out of Krewella. After much speculation and discussion by fans, Jahan and Yasmine finally spoke out claiming that Kris was never kicked out but that he actually resigned. At this point we do not yet have the necessary information to make a clear-cut call on who is right, but one thing’s for sure, it appears that Mat Zo wants to “produce the shit out of” Yasmine.

Now yeah, this is definitely a joke by Mat Zo, but honestly it does make you think of the possibilities that could erupt from a Krewella backed by Mat Zo. Matan “Mat Zo” Zohar is arguably one of the best producers in the scene right now, his debut album Damage Control cementing that notion, and with the marketing and appeal of Krewella pushing his production, one could only imagine the potential of the trio. Almost as great as a Kasakde & Deadmau5 band

Source: This Song Slaps