With over 30 years in the scene, Jeff Mills knows a thing or two about electronic music. A pioneer of techno music, both here in the US and around the world, Jeff Mills has seen the culture develop into the thriving community it is today.

The current criticism and backlash EDM has been met with as it transitions into mainstream culture prompted Jeff Mills to speak with¬†Inthemix¬†concerning EDM’s role in being the ‘scapegoat’ of music.

In the interview, Jeff went on to describe how EDM’s recent backlash and criticism is all part of the process. Any genre of music that is on the rise will always be met with some form of resistance and criticism as it is an essential part in the growth of the scene:

“I think it serves a purpose. It’s fine. People love it. This is not the first scapegoat of electronic music. Many years ago it was trance music, and before then it was something else. I think that we’re moving along in a very healthy way all together.”


You can read the full interview via Inthemix