In a recent Q&A, Avicii has addressed the hot topics fans have been pining over concerning their favorite superstar DJ. With his health condition in question, fans are constantly concerned how this will affect his music. From a long, heartfelt update on how he’s feeling to how his new album will be narrowed down from a whopping 80 songs, Avicii quenched our thirst on all of the standard interview questions. He also talked about his favorite song and his own charity, House For Hunger, which was started to propagate the generosity, love and unity electronic dance music was founded on, to demonstrate the power this music and its fans can have on world hunger.

There is enough food in the world today for everyone to have the food and nourishment they need, and yet there are over 870 million undernourished people in the world today. That means one in eight people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. Hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one risk to the health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Even in wealthy countries, people go hungry every day.

Keep your eye on Avicii’s social media platforms for ways to contribute to House for Hunger. From simply buying a concert ticket or contributing to a remix competition, Avicii knows how to make giving to those less fortunate cool. Check out the answers to the most popular questions he was asked below.