No scene or genre of music undergoes a meteoric rise without getting made fun of along the way. Since EDM’s great push across North America in recent years, there have been several cases in which the polarizing genre has been mocked for its stereotypical trends. Some people get angry, some laugh, but at the end of the day it’s all good fun and we should never forget that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves.

Check out our list of the top 5 jabs at EDM:

South Park Makes Fun of Electronic Producers

South Park has got to be one of the greatest trolls of our everyday lives. Their episodes continuously have a way of poking fun at trending topics in the world. In their latest episode, the brilliant writers of South Park take a jab at music production and producers.


Tosh.0 Nails Every EDM Stereotype in Under 9 Minutes

Comedian Daniel Tosh brought the 17 year old DJ onto his show Tosh.0 for a shot at his signature Web Redemption. But what kind of Tosh.0 show would it be if Daniel didn’t make fun of every stereotype possible? Now I’m sure we’ve all heard people bringing up the negative stereotypes of EDM, whether it’s about underage girls at shows, DJs being professional iPod controllers, or the overbearing presence of ‘Molly’ to name a few. Well, Tosh nails every single one of them in under 9 minutes:


Anthony Bourdain On EDM: ‘Lords Of Douchedom’ 

Not everyone is a fan of EDM, and some are particularly adamant on making the world aware of their dislike of the scene. One of them is Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef and TV host who’s traveled the world with his show No Reservations and his new CNN series “Parts Unknown”. Although he knows nothing of the genre, Anthony Bourdain thinks he knows enough to generalize an entire music scene into 1 statement:


Arcade Fire Call Out DJing, Deadmau5 Serves Justice

Apparently Arcade Fire is about a decade behind on the whole “who it’s cool to make fun of” thing. While closing out Coachella‘s first weekend, the indie rock band’s frontman Win Butler made a cheap stab at DJs by making a shout out to “all the bands playing real instruments this weekend.” Of course infamous internet troll deadmau5 takes to his Twitter to hash out his feelings on the band’s social commentary regarding dance music:

Screenshot (48)


SNL Makes Fun Of EDM

Perhaps the best one of all, SNL takes the cake in the trolling of trolls. SNL poke fun at a myriad of topics that for better or worse plague our scene. From the press play issue, to the exorbitant amount of money top DJs get paid, SNL characterize EDM rather skillfully. Not 100% sure how I feel about the reference to Avicii’s hospitalization though, but their “Davvincii” persona is rather humorous.