Month after month Tropkillaz have been pushing out bass trap like it’s no one’s business. The Brazilian producer duo are able to make tracks that feel both heavy and happy at all once. They seamlessly mix thudding bass with lighter (shall we say, more tropical?) percussion. “Boa Noite” perfectly exemplifies this talent by moving back and forth between slow-yet-frantic synths and snared out, trappy breakdowns.

The track has received official remix status, and has been released as a free download along with remixes by OmuluJSTJRCesqeauxDJ Samu, Flying Buff, and Soniye. The result is a range of tracks that all fall under the umbrella of trap, showing off its diversity. The influence that each of these artists bleeds into the finished product is truly audible.

You can grab the entire EP for free right here!

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