If you were startled this morning by an unknown phone number, only to answer it and be greeted by Dillon Francis & DJ Hanzel, then you weren’t the only one. As the maiden voyage for this year’s inaugural Mad Decent Boat Party in Miami, FL is just under a month away, Mad Decent took this prime opportunity to use the complete passenger list for the boat to push the release of Dillon Francis’ upcoming album, “Money Sucks, Friends Rule.” A creative way to ramp up excitement not only for the party at sea but for for a Mad Decent heavy-hitter as well.


[Dillon:] Ayeo mateys, it’s Dillon Francis and I’m here with DJ Hanzel. Say what’s up man. [Hanzel:] Hey v’ats up? How’s it going? [Dillon:] And we are super amped to see you at the Mad Decent Boat Party! Am I right? [Hanzel:] No, I don’t fucking care. [Dillon:] Ok, cool man. So, I’m not gonna… You don’t have to talk.. Okay. So we’re really excited to see you at the Mad Decent Boat Party in November. We have lot’s of fun activities planned and it won’t be long until we’re all partying together on the Bahamas and it’s going to be crazy. But in the meantime, I need you to do one thing and check out my debut album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule.” It’s available for order on iTunes and Amazon and DJ Hanzel hates it. So if you want to piss him off, you definitely go buy it and probably bring a copy on the boat and shove it in his face and I’ll see you on the boat! Right? We’re gonna see them on the boat? [Hanzel:] Yeah, whatever.

Were you one of the lucky cruise goers that received one of these epic calls in your voicemail? Did it make you want to buy the new album and rub it in DJ Hanzel’s face when you arrive? As a first year production at sea for Mad Decent, what are you most excited for?

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? Well, overcome that #FOMO and act fast as tickets are almost sold out!

H/T Mad Decent | Photo Credit: Rukes