Valentin Brunn is one of the most talented youths springing from SectionZ, Monstercat, and most recently Disciple Recordings. The artist currently known as Virtual Riot has justĀ released his first EP with DR calledĀ We’re Not Alone EP. In the EP, Valentin included the title track, three other original tracks, and a remix of “We’re Not Alone” by Au5. However, “We’re Not Alone” has received different remixes spanning all sorts of genres. Here are some of the greatest remixes you’ve never heard of.

1.) Syntact (Glitch-Hop)

Easily one of my personal favorite remixes. Canadian native Patrick Jonsson-Good reinvigorates the original with absolute form and lush euphoria. In Syntact-fashion, he flips the bass-line and bounces the sound from heavy and melodic while sustaining perfect harmony amongst it all.

2.) Sefaro (Progressive House)

I was not expecting to see this song receive a progressive facelift. However, Toronto’s Liam Young will blow your mind with his fantastic take on “We’re Not Alone”. The intro suppresses the kicks and surprises with blaring synths that roll off of the marvelous vocals.

3.) Guillotine (Neuro-Funk/Drum And Bass)

Welcome English heavy-bass producer Stan Davis who presents a filthy remix of “We’re Not Alone”. Under the guise of Guillotine, Stan supersedes the original with groovy rhythm while holding down dark vibes. The word to best describe this remix would be “smooth” as it centers more on thick bass and strong beats rather than on a new melody.

4.) Vzyo (Electro House)

United States producer Vzyo (pronounced Viz-ee-oh) comes up next with his electrified treatment to Virtual Riot’s pride and joy. When we say that this song is electro house, this doesn’t mean that this is big room, melbourne bounce, or any other variation of electro house that you can think of. This is hardcore complextro at its finest.

5.) Teanu Anderson (Dubstep)

Last, but not least, Teanu Anderson shares his dubstep remix that goes toe-to-toe with Virtual Riot’s original. After introducing the vocals, Teanu drops monstrous synths and a follow-up breakbeat section that flow seamlessly into the mind-splitting banger. When people say dubstep is the sound of robots having sex, this is the song they are thinking of.

If you like any of these remixes of “We’re Not Alone” by Virtual Riot, click the YouTube link of choice and you can grab whichever remix as a free download. With a wide array of genres of the same song, what’s there not to love when all of them are free?