Alvin Risk has always presented himself as a multifaceted producer, more than just a one trick pony. His productions have ranged from dubstep to progressive house, and there has been a consistent style between everything he puts out. This newest EP though... it’s way outside of anything that we’ve heard from him before.

Venture solidifies Alvin’s role as multi-talented artist, featuring his own vocals and production on every song. These tracks are some of the most original productions I’ve heard from any producer in the past few months. Not that others haven’t been doing really innovative things, you just really have to listen to this EP to get the full idea of what I’m even talking about. Alvin will be releasing new songs every few days leading up to the 11/11 release. Fans can pre-order the album now or wait to download for free, the choice is theirs.

Venture expands into an audio/visual experience with the launch of a new microsite where each song will be available for streaming and download as they become officially available. In addition, Alvin will be holding a Reddit AMA for fans at 11:11AM PST on 11/11 to support the official launch of the EP.

Note: all of the tracks have already been leaked. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find them.