He’s been donned Yung Sprite cause everyone needs to be yung something these days, right? He is actually pretty young, with white boy swag that they don’t normally churn out in the middle of New Jersey. We are talking about none other than Cosenza. Once more, but this time scream it and let it a linger into an echo. Less than a year ago, after killing a marathon set in the basement in the trap in North Philadelphia, that echo was the last thing people heard as they exited the party.

If this is the first you are hearing of  Philly’s best kept secret, you should probably do your homework. He won’t be a secret for much longer, seeing as every one of his tracks receives support from major artists, even before this bomb he just dropped. RL Grime, Candyland, UZ, Victor Niglio, and the list goes on. Dillon Francis is a fan, and so is Diplo.

This kid is just getting started. His latest remix is an update of a two year old track, “Hold the Line,” by Major Lazer. Cosenza‘s remix is a perfectly balanced tune. Vocals of Santigold and Mr. Lexx in this sort of push and pull with highs and lows and fasts and slows, and cohesively flowing beats and bass that get you right in the feels. Dancehall is a unique sound, full of its rich cultural origin. Much like the uniqueness of Major Lazer, whose signature sound is sort of coveted.

Cosenza does an impeccable job of staying true to that while showcasing his own flavor in this remix. He isn’t afraid to take risks; constantly breaking down barriers and emerging with some nu nu sound. He doesn’t just mimic someone else’s or follow formulaic nonsense that had polluted the art of music production. He’d never sacrifice integrity for content, or crank out tracks just because. Yung Sprite with a plethora of raw talent and a sound all his own. Every track is molten lava, just running down the side of a mountain, ready to melt not just faces, but entire villages.

Walshy Fire took a vested interest in him after hearing his ‘retwerk’ of Diplo‘s “Revolution.” The rest is sort of a slow history that led here. They became homies, and Walshy asked him to remix a track for Mad Decent.

‘Hold the line’ Yung Sprite. A major come up will be calling any minute.

Oh wait. Is that a phone ringing?