FutureFreqs are back with their second live track, going by the name of “Messages.” The three members of the “band” have never actually met face-to-face, and so this track is very relevant to the group itself. According to the band, this track was “inspired by the dependency of social media and the Interwebz.”

“Messages” is at a much slower tempo than their first song “Love And Fear,” and that might turn some people away. This is much more ballad-like and has a much deeper connection to early jazz and slow swing. Stephen Burke (SirensCeol) along with Jonah Wei-Haas carry the main section of the song with amazing guitar and keytar pieces, absolutely laying their heart down on the strings and keys, respectively. Aloma, as per usual, lends her magnificent voice to the production.

I can see this grouping becoming largely popular with the sect of EDM listeners who crave a little more substance from their music, or from anyone else really who can appreciate what FutureFreqs brings to the table. I absolutely cannot wait to see what they bring out next.