It’s been a very busy year for Tomorrowland. Besides hosting the annual Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld events, plans were also made to start up Tomorrowland Brazil, and now we’re seeing reports of plans to expand even into India.

The Goa Tourism Minister, Dilip Parulekar, had this to say:

Apart from the proposal received from Percept & Supersonic (Vh1 India) to host music festivals in the month of December, we have also received a proposal of one of the most  notable global music festival group, “Tomorrowland”! 

The event is purportedly slated to occur mid-January, making it just a couple months from now. There is still the issue of finding a space equivalent to 350,000 m² to hold the event, but if anyone can do it, it’s the Tomorrowland team.

Head over to edmofy to read the whole story, and check out the Tomorrowland 2014 official aftermovie below.