Most DJs dream about their first out-of-state show, or their first international show; but when you’re as big as David Guetta, you have to dream just as big. In a recent interview with KissFM, David Guetta revealed his aspirations to become the first DJ to perform in space and during the segment he discussed where he got the idea. While flying from Paris to Ibiza in 2011, premiering his album to a crew of journalists mid-flight, Guetta says that he was struck with inspiration to go even higher. As in space, higher.
When asked for an update on his zero-gravity set, Guetta said he’s most nervous about the training,

“You just have to fly a few times on a military plane and imagine that it’s going to be like this but 10 times more intense.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s not up for the challenge.

“That got me a little scared but to be the first guy to Dj in space? That would be crazy, I mean, that’s history.”

H/T: DJ Mag Canada