I have always been a huge Crywolf fan, his music is absolutely incredible and he’s one of the most down to Earth producers I’ve ever met. When I first heard that he was releasing a new single, Ribcage, I was absolutely elated. When I heard why he was releasing it, my heart broke.

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Alternate donation: http://bit.ly/donatetrevor

Hey guys! It’s Crywolf. I’m really excited for tomorrow, cause we are releasing Ribcage, which is the brand new single from me and Ianborg’s upcoming EP, Runaway.

Unfortunately the personal excitement of this release has been dampened by a personal matter, which I’d like to briefly share with you.

I come from a really big family and I have four younger brothers. One week ago, I found out that one of my brothers, Trevor, had a brain aneurysm and was rushed to the emergency room. Brain aneurysms are *extremely* rare in people his age, and can cause instant death in some cases, and brain damage in most others, so it was extremely concerning. The good news is, they were able to treat it without any brain damage occurring, and he is currently healing awaiting a surgical procedure that will hopefully be able to seal off the bleeding and prevent any further issues.

The bad news is, Trevor’s health insurance will only cover about 2/3rds of the cost of the surgery and treatment, which is going to leave him in debt potentially up to 100 thousand dollars.

That amount of debt at his age is life-changing. I really wanted to help in some way, so I spoke to the team and we decided to make this next week “Trevor Week.” During this next week, 200% of the proceeds from all sales of my music, including Runaway EP, Ghosts EP and Angels EP, will go to directly to help with his medical bills. How 200%? Well, for every dollar that comes from sales, I am going to personally match it with a dollar of mine, doubling the money that you guys put in.

So what can you do? Well, if you have the capacity, go buy some stuff! I’ve always been a huge proponent of giving away my music for free, so this would be an awesome opportunity for you to give back. Every single dollar you spend goes directly to helping a person in need, and a person who I care an incredibly lot about. If you can’t afford to buy anything, you can help by sharing this video on your wall or with a friend who might want to.

I really appreciate you guys’ support, and am also so thankful that I have a team behind me that is willing to try to help and make a difference in a hard time like this. Thanks so much to Ianborg, Ian Galdy and Dexter Palmer for being willing to do this!