Let it be known what lies beneath is no exaggeration, but simply facts experienced by Pete & Diane from the event known as the Worlds Tour

No one puts on a performance like Porter Robinson. We arrived expecting a good show, in return were handed the greatest concert of our lives. Porter was the composer, the conductor, and the performer, a modern day Mozart. He moved the audience with each note he struck, breathing new life into each track he presented. No one song sounded the same compared to what was heard on the album. Porter’s cathedral on stage throbbed with each kick of the drum, blaring the glamorous and euphoric visuals from Ghostdad into the hearts of us all.

For Porter‘s Worlds Tour, we expected a lot of, well, Worlds tracks, and although we enjoyed listening to the Worlds album, we honestly weren’t sure how much we would like the mellow tracks in a live setting. Luckily, we were pleasantly surprised. The way Porter was able to mix each of his entrancing tracks into an even more powerful array of sounds was entirely mesmerizing. He played unique versions of Worlds favorites like “Sea of Voices” and “Sad Machine”, but also incorporated some of his classics such as his collaboration with Mat ZoEasy” and his bassy-electro hit “Say My Name”, which surprisingly dropped into a few moments of pure, filthy dubstep.

From the moment the concert began, it was clear how much emphasis was placed on the production to coincide with the powerful music Porter had created. Behind where he stood was a screen full of beautiful caricatures, anime, words, lyrics, colors, and graphics. The lights and lasers were superb, catering to the emotion of the music. As the beats knocked the breath out of you, the production was there to pick you back up into a euphoric state of pure bliss, and vice versa.

As much as I [Diane] thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert, the part that hit home for me was the very end. The lights turned off. The music was over. Porter Robinson left the stage. Emotions high, I walked out of the venue, happy with what was played but slightly disappointed that after teasing with other oldies, he did not play my all time favorite track Language. I understand an artist wanting to move on from one of their biggest hits, but Language is the epitome of why I love dance music and music in general. It is a song that speaks to me, a song that can get me through tough times with hope and optimism, a song I can relate to, a song I can feel. But as I was walking outside carrying with me this slight disappointment, I heard it…

The beginning of Language started to play. I full on sprinted back into the venue being yelled at by staff to stop running (sorry!) I grabbed my friends and nearby strangers’ hands as the uplifting and intoxicating melody filled the room. This wasn’t an ordinary version of Language- this was Language fit for the Worlds Tour. It was Language like I have never heard it played before, complete with the grandiose production of lights, lasers, and confetti endlessly falling from the sky. One more time the lights turned off to completely darken the room as the few but hard-hitting lyrics danced around the crowd, only to be flung back on in all its grandeur just in time for the crowd to thrust their hands in the air and sing in unison “I’ll be okay.”

Porter Robinson’s Worlds Tour gave us all a few hours to completely cast our anxieties, fears, and hardships aside and just be. Porter Robinson is truly a master of his art and did not fail to leave every person in that room with their jaws on the floor, basking in his aura. This is no exaggeration. From the iconic “Sad Machine” to his brilliant rendition of favorites like “Unison” and “Language“, each andevery track encapsulated its own glory that we will NEVER forget. Look through the gallery provided and relive your experience!

Photography: Taylor Rambo (@taylorrambo)

-Pete & Diane

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