“Bloodstream,” the 2014 MDMA inspired original by Ed Sheeran (produced by Rick Rubin), has now seen itself flipped into a happy trap tune. Thanks to Kicks N Licks, this remix came about, and entered the world with no charge. Which is good, because after listening you are going to want to have it for yourself. “Bloodstream” is an interesting song to choose to remix, but the duo were able to amass an excellent edit that gets your feels all flowing in the positive lane. There’s no focus on big drops and over-dramatic qualities; KnL have a tasteful track that is one of the better crossover remixes I have heard recently. Whether you are chilling by the pool nabbing the last of the sun’s rays of the year, or you are kicking it inside burning it with some homies, this tune will serve you delightfully. Again, don’t forget to grab the track since it is a free download, but I really don’t have to tell you twice.

Free Download