Now why does the name SnellVillain sound familiar? Unless you are used to seeing his name posted on bills all across Atlanta, then you likely know the bass music baron from taking a runner-up spot for Pretty Light‘s “Around The Block” remix competition. Ever since, PL has been playing out the track for crowds of thousands and we’ve been thirsty to hear more from the up and coming producer.

Today our prayers were answered when SnellVillain popped into Your EDM and dropped off a fresh heater by the name of “Mufasa.” Much like the PL remix, this original tune is full of sub heavy glitch edits that keeps the track constantly evolving and taking new shapes. This track takes the lion’s share of the frequency spectrum and throws down a highly rhythmic cross breed between dub and electro soul.

Grab a free download of SnellVillain‘s “Mufasa” below, rate, and check the socials. | |