I know I am not the only one totally obsessed with the sultry voice of BANKS right now. She is a goddess. I cannot get enough of her; so it is exciting to see her being remixed in the electronic world. Let’s just be perfectly honest, this type of sound is straight sex for your ears. Now for some of you reading this I may have just ingrained quite a disturbing image in your cerebrum, but I am a firm believer  that eargasm is actually a word. If not that, I know amazeballs just entered the dictionary so that would be my alternative adjective for this track.

Gryffin is now my next obsession. The NYC based producer’s creations emanate soulful vibes which interplay effortlessly with the sounds of  Hotel Garuda . Three dudes, two acts, and one song. This, “Begging for Thread,” remix is warm, sexy, and hopefully the beginning of yet another beautiful friendship.

Here are some of their own words on this collab:

“Working with Hotel Garuda was a super fun and total collaborative effort all the way through. After sending them the guitar riff and chord progression, Hotel Garuda came back with a banging arrangement of drums and grooves, and we passed it back and forth a few more times until arriving at this final product. I’m super happy with how it turned out and hope you all enjoy it!” ~ Gryffin

“The three of us were really excited to get in the studio together. At first we had some trouble figuring out to remix, but once the name ‘Banks’ came up, we knew we had to remix her. Her song Beggin For A Thread is a beautiful piece and what intrigued is the most were the vocals, which was essentially the focus in our remix. Hope you guys enjoy it!’ ~ Hotel Garuda

Grab this free download originally premiered on Mr. Suicide Sheep.

All of this is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. Speaking of hearts, give it a <3 on hype em.