I was going to wait until the Kennedy Jones edition of our Aspire to Inspire series was complete to reveal this story in all of its glory, but it feels right to give you guys a heads up, and to let everyone know that of course we have not been sleeping on this new, beautiful and very different, release from Kennedy Jones.

“The Art of Love,” is an ambient and emotional tune, with instrumentals that tell an epic tale of turning tragedy into triumph. Based on the story of Andrew Kennedy Jones, “The Art of Love” was created as Kennedy and myself talked for two hours and shared the stories of our lives. I speak through words, and he through music. In Andrew’s own words:

Released a new song today titled “The Art Of Love”. I am so grateful that I can illustrate my mood and emotion through music. I’ve gone through some tough stuff this last month and making music like this makes it all somewhat worth it. This song is what it sounds like to come out on the other side of hard times, through my ears/eyes. Hope you all enjoy it and I love you all.