Things seem to be heating up once again for long time underdog favorite Adam Ellis, as his latest works have been paving the way towards a solidified stance within the Trance community as an established producer who consistently produces tune after tune. Ellis, of course, first gained notoriety with his breakout hit of Napalm Poet in late 2013 and since then, has gained the thumbs up from legendary producers such as Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan and Indecent Noise. Singles such as Mandarine and Velocity In French have firmly established his stance within the elite in early 2014, and now, it is time for Adam to expand his horizons as an artist and as a musician with a number of firsts within his already iconic sound. While mostly quiet during the course of 2014, his recent follow up to Napalm Poet, Agent Orange, was massively supported by artists such as Aly & Fila, Photographer and a surprising entry by long lost Bosh legend, Eddie Halliwell, and made the rounds during Luminosity, ASOT 650 and FSOE 350 celebrations. To follow up on his massive success on Agent Orange, Ellis is now poised to release his first ever vocal collaboration with the lovely lyrics of long time Trance favorite Neev Kennedy on a brand new project entitled Reason To Believe.

We can confidently say that Vocal Trance is definitely the spot where Adam Ellis can truly shine due to the astonishingly crisp detail of the vocals throughout the track. Her words cut through the entire arrangement and almost sounds like she is standing right beside you singing these wondrous lyrics right in your room. Reason To Believe starts off in true Ellis fashion with searing percussions, poison tipped basslines and Neev‘s vocals constantly repeating, ‘You know I never….‘ . The arrangement of soft, flowing vocals on top of driving, intensity-fueled basslines are a really nice contrast in this piece and keeps the track energetic, yet emotional; which is further emulated by the various effects that Ellis pursues within the vocal parts. The atmosphere within the breakdown is simply sublime as minimialistic basslines and haunting breaths perfectly outline the lyrics in order for them to shine above the rest of the orchestration. Ellis unveils just the right amount of energy dispersion throughout the buildup to the main lined synths and the main melody is nothing short of glorious. With a final declaration from Neev stating, ‘You are a reason to believe…‘, it unloads into a massively euphoric melody that is both intense and emotional that cranks up the energy to a solid 11 in terms of power and depth. All in all, this track is definitely one of the most solid Vocal Trance tracks of 2014 and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for his next, thunderous vocal single.

Adam Ellis‘ spellbinding vocal collaboration with Neev Kennedy, Reason To Believe, is out now on Amsterdam Trance Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q