The Prodigy, one of the most defining acts of electronic dance culture, might just be returning to the studio. The group teased their fans a couple days ago by posting a short, mysterious video clip and an even more confusing picture to their Instagram.

Could this be the real deal? The Prodigy have been hinting at a new album since early July, when they mentioned that anything fresh they created would be ‘violent sounding, with a lot of edge’. It was also revealed that the group recently collaborated on a new track called ‘Ibiza’ with Sleaford Mods, a fellow UK-based electronic performance group. To put the icing on the cake, they signed to Three Six Zero Music in late summer, an imprint associated with Warner Bros.

It would seem the stars are aligning and a new album from The Prodigy could be on the way! More teasers are sure to come, so keep your eyes on their channels to stay up to date.


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Here’s somethin to BITE on ! #theprodigy

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Invasion of the ants ……………. and a spider #theprodigy

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