Everyone’s favorite tape headed Swedes, Cazzette have been reinventing their sound as of late! Following their deep hit, Sleepless ft. The High the duo has just dropped their Spotify exclusive followup Blind Heart featuring vocals by Terri B! 

I am definitely loving the new house incarnation of Cazzette. Just like some sort of house music phoenix, the Swedes have risen from ashes, reborn into groovey gods. Blind Heart is an excellent offering in what we can only hope will be a long chain of well done shuffle inducing releases. The soul filled vocals by Terri Bjerre, who is herself a house music heavyweight, fill the tune with a silky, classic sound. The bassline bounces and bumps toeing the line between the currently popular Future sound and a call back to the glory years.

To celebrate the release, Cazzette has also put together an excellent playlist entitled ‘Moments’ to expand your musical horizons on Spotify – What’s more, they’ve decided to hook up five lucky people with six months of Spotify Premium! With goodies abounding, there’s nothing to lose, peep the track, check the playlist, and enter for your chance to up your Spotify game 300%!!

Cazzette ft. Terri B! – Blind Heart (Original Mix)


Check out the playlist here!


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