The duo behind a series of incredible free remixes and an EP release on our site’s record label is back with an update to a classic song. X5IGHT take a look back at a tune that was made by one of the biggest electronic dance music acts before he blew up into fame. Before he was Avicii, Tim Bergling went by several names before finally sticking to the name we all know and love. As Tim Berg, he released a tune that many die-hard Avicii fans still remember called “Seek Bromance” and has been remixed by Cazzette and Porter Robinson. X5IGHT take their stand as the next to remix this timeless piece and make it relevant once again.

The duo bring out their all out production talent in this remix. Right from the start the vocals bring back the memories of its rule back in the day while reinventing the chord progression and the bassline. This song has even reached the attention of big-time DJs such as Tiësto and has had them play this tune to cheering fans. Progressive house fans can rest easy, that another quality anthem has been remixed in all the right ways.

The best part of this song is that it’s a free download off of X5IGHT’s SoundCloud and you can grab it ASAP. You can also download this bad boy over here.