EDM has always been enriched with acts such as Disclosure, Above & Beyond and The Prodigy, who are renowned for performing energetic and unforgettable live shows. On a more smaller level, you may find it possible to head to a nightclub, and experience a musician jamming or improvising with the DJ. Afishal is one such musician you can hopefully experience at your local stomping-ground, and his live act is a cut above the rest. It’s all down to his exciting creation: a massive, fluorescent, MIDI-controlled set of bongo drums.

A skilled percussionist who has been drumming for almost his entire life, Afishal can perform several tracks from some of the biggest names in EDM. Showtek and Knife Party have featured in his act, and in the video below you can experience his feverish and oddly satisfying take on Animals.

In his interview, Afishal reveals that although clubbers prefer the DJs, his drumming awakens tribal emotions that can add an extra edge to the night overall. The live element of watching someone being creative is exciting, as are the eye-catching colors of his instruments. His live act is becoming highly desirable, no thanks to Beyoncé who enlisted him to perform at her afterparty in Egypt.

Check out what all the fuss is about, in the video below: