Deadmau5 is an artist I never got very deep into, I mean I heard “Strobe”, “Ghost N Stuff” and all the other iconic mau5 songs, but I never explored his music deeply. That being said, hearing this remix was like a wave of nostalgia and deep vibes for me.

Hearing Haley Gibby’s soulful voice mixed in with the deep house grooves is a match made in heaven. The only thing I didn’t like was Pete Tong’s need to overdub a large portion of the preview. I understand that it’s a first play and it’s a big deal, but it seriously kills the energy and mood from the remix and leaves me more annoyed than anything. Regardless of the overdub, when this is officially released, it will be a must have.

If you’re into deep house or music with a hell of a lot of groove, you’ll be hard pressed to find better than this remix: