After Knife Party’s headlining sets at multiple festivals this weekend, it is abundantly clear that Abandon Ship hype is at an all time high. Though the album release was delayed, they are making up for it in a big way. The first sneak peak will be on November 10th, during Zane Lowe’s “Album of the Week” on BBC1, followed by an interview with Rob Swire. Just one week later, Thump will be premiering the album in full. And just as icing on the cake, Rob and Gareth will also host an album launch party on November 23rd, via Mixify. There’s no RSVP necessary and all are welcome to join in with the fun — the time and location are still TBD.

Abandon Ship Tracklist:

1.       Reconnect
2.       Resistance
3.       Boss Mode
4.       EDM Trend Machine
5.       404
6.       Begin Again
7.       D.I.M.H
8.       Micropenis
9.       Superstar
10.     Red Dawn
11.     Give It Up
12.     Kaleidoscope