You might remember last week we posted a track called “#OMW2SYG,” which of course means “On my way to steal your girl.” Duh.
This track is in no way related to that.

Didrick, whom you might remember from the Monstercat 3rd Anniversary video, brings us this wildly upbeat remix of a One Direction song. The boys’ voices aren’t terrible, and I think the reason most people tend to dislike them is the way they’re basically whored out by Disney. That, and they have the audacity to make a track called “Steal My Girl,” like please.

Didrick made this track for the remix competition surrounding the track, and while I haven’t heard any of the other entries, I would say this one has a pretty damn good chance. It’s got that upbeat and positive outlook that I’m sure One Direction are so fond of, but its musicality and direction are miles ahead.

Check out the remix below!