This release introduces a new face to our label and fairly new face to the scene. Having said that, fresh blood can deliver fresh and dirty big tunes!

Black Sun Empire’s label, Blackout Music, is an imprint that sometimes gets overlooked when talking about drum n bass. Between RAM and Hospital, and Viper and Shogun, Blackout is kind of the underdog, despite its owner’s status as one of the top Drum & Bass groups around. With every release, they strive to change that and bring their music to the forefront of the scene, and I really think that Pythius can help with that.

The new Abandon EP is straight fire. I’m a strong believer that the first track of any compilation work (EP, album, or whatever) should always put your best foot forward. Such is the case with “Air Raid.” The EP begins with reckless abandon and proceeds to audibly assault you for the next 20 minutes.

Check out “Air Raid” below, and keep an eye out for the official release of Abandon, out on 11/17.