The gurus of G-House, Amine Edge & DANCE dominated their sound at The Chopping Block Stage this past weekend at Escape: All Hallows’ Eve in San Bernardino, CA. They also took the time to fill us in with an in-depth interview, chatting about their musical influences and journeys, their innovative label -CUFF, their fond memories they had experienced this past year, and most importantly, the future of Amine Edge & DANCE.

1. Growing up in Marseille, France, how were you two initially introduced to the elements of Chicago/NYC House that are so apparent in your productions?

AMINE:When I was young I discovered NY House from labels like Strictly Rhythm, and producers like Masters At Work and Todd Terry. This music was not really popular in my town but with TV and Internet I spent a lot of my time researching for this passion. I spent lots of time in record stores. It wasn’t until later that I discovered the Chicago heritage such as Trax Records, and artist like Farley Jackmester Funk or Adonis.
DANCE:I spent loads of my time with Amine who listened to Classic House 24/7 when we were young. That’s how I heard about Armand Van Heldenand and other artists, because only Hip Hop and R’n’B counted when I was young I didn’t give a shit about anything else haha.

2. You two have a good knowledge of the culture and music in Europe. Would you say there is a difference in the culture and music in comparison to the U.S. If so, then how?

AE&D:In France when we were young we were crazy about what came from the USA. It was like a dream for us, watching American movies and video clips from American rappers. The way they dressed, the way they acted, the culture and the attitude, we were crazy about that. Everybody and everything was inspired by the American model, in the past nothing counted but the music from the US, but then some other country started to show that they have balls. It started in Paris with Daft Punk, Cassius, Motorbass etc. We called it “The French Touch,” and the Americans were crazy about it. There’s no “touch” anymore because every country has their ambassador now and House is not and underground thing anymore but I think we represent our country very well as underground artists.

3. How do you two work together when it comes to production and performing behind the decks?

AE&D:We never produce tracks together. We need to be alone in the studio. So we start a project in our corner separately and then we send it to each other. Then one of us will finish it. It’s all about inspiration or ideas we can have from the moment.Behind the decks we play back to back. 1 track each. Amine is more about technik stuff and me about Champagne stuff lol.

4. Tell us a little bit more about your label, CUFF.

AE&D:CUFF is our personal and private playlist. What it means? We play loads of music that no one knows, people go crazy with all those tracks because nothing we play is released. We only play exclusive music and exciting new music, you will never see us playing the top 50 tracks that spin on the radio like many DJs do. This is not a DJ, this is a jukebox, and CUFF is our label who reveals what we play.

5. Which artist do you recommend for us to check out off the label?

AE&D: We got Sirus Hood who always rides with us. He’s a great Producer and DJ. You’d better keep an eye on Clyde P as well. There is K-Lagane too. He’s a young talented guy and really motivated. Also check out Ryan Blyth with his big tune “Special” that will be out soon.

(Hot Tune from Clyde P!)

6. Any upcoming projects to expect in the near future?

AE&D: We’re thinking about doing an Album with a big “A.”It would be collaborations with people who we really love from electronic music and a few features from some rappers and singers we love. We already got some tracks. Just stay tuned and you will see what happens in the future.

7. We are almost at the end of 2014, any funny or exciting moments during your shows that you want to share with us?

AE&D: We did a “Lab Session” for Mixmag in London. It was supposed to be just a live streaming mix. But a lot of people turned out to see us play. There were maybe only 50 people but the energy was amazing. At the end we played “Gin & Juice” from Snoop. I (DANCE) went out of the deck and danced with sexy girls it was really funny. Then Amine took the mic and did some beatbox shit and a random guy was freestyling. Great moment.

[Photo Credits:Jake Lifeschultz for Insomniac & Alex Perez for Insomniac]