Who would have thought “El Diablo” could be so seductive? Surely, he had to be in luring Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, but there’s no way he could be as alluring as this original of the same moniker. Built by the collaborative efforts of Human Life and Anebel Englund, “El Diablo” is a classy house record with surreal disco vibes. It takes a lot to keep a millenial’s attention for nearly eight minutes, but this tune holds you in tight, nearly forcing one to hit the repeat button on their playback device. It’s cool because I get the sense that this could have been released back in the 70’s or 80’s and it would have been successful, yet it still plays into the deep sounds that are taking over the modern EDM listener. Although it seems highly oxymoronical, “El Diablo” is one heavenly record. Pre-order yourself a copy after you expose your ears to the gem.

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