I’ve been waiting for the self titled EP from La+ch and it is finally here. Some of the tracks we have already featured, but now the full project is here and they are all available for you to have for yourself. Five singles comprise the project, whose sound bridges the gap between the mainstream world of music and the EDM world. The future style expressed in tracks like “Hunter” and “RoadIIVegas” is infused with rich sounds and quality vocals that you’d be hard pressed to find on another electronic project. I would love to see this blow up and reach the masses, because it is lasting, authentic music. What’s cool about it is that it’s not what is cool to the crowds at the moment. It stands on its own as something forward thinking and spectacular; and I can’t wait to see what else this cat has in store. La+ch is a need to know name, and this project should convince you as to why. Get a copy, so you can be that cool kid who had some La+ch material before everyone else did.

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